About this Site

Through my experience teaching and coaching new graduates and young professionals, I've found that job search advice tends to fall in two camps: 

  1. It's high-level strategy stuff that assumes you are well along in your career and have multiple jobs under your belt, which is hard to apply if you're just starting out, or
  2. It's really low-hanging-fruit stuff, like where to use bold on a resume, which isn't going to help a new graduate compete with those experienced professionals.

Land Your First Job is for current college students seeking their first internship, recent or soon-to-be college graduates looking for their first full-time job, and young professionals who are struggling to compete for the level of job they want. My goal is to give you real, practical strategies that you don't need multiple years of experience to put into place.

On the blog, you'll find two approaches to helping you land that first job or internship:

  • Tuesday Tips: These are specific things you should or shouldn't DO during your job search.
  • Thursday Thoughts: These are things to keep in MIND during your job search, to encourage you, give you perspective, and help you make decisions.

Remember: You can collect all the information in the world, but if you're not willing to do the work to put it into practice, it's meaningless. So go forth and get that job!


About Jessica

Jessica Wode developed an interest in helping others with their job search while teaching a college class on employment interviewing. She realized that many students came in feeling like they had no skills or experience to offer anyone, but all they needed was for someone to walk them through the job search process.

Since that time, she's been providing one-on-one coaching to new graduates and young professionals, helping them get control over their job search and feel more confident in their ability to land the job they want. She accepts a limited number of coaching clients; see here for additional information on job search coaching.

When not helping others land their first jobs, Jessica works full time at the University of Portland in Portland, OR.