Job Search Coaching

If you've found the information on the blog helpful but need a little more individualized attention, you may want to consider getting one-on-one coaching. 

I take on a limited number of coaching clients, and it's important to me that my clients are serious about putting work into their job search. I can give you all the suggestions in the world, but if you don't follow through with them, it's a waste of time for both of us.

At this time, I only take on coaching clients who live in the United States. You can be anywhere in the country, as technology makes possible coaching via e-mail, phone, and video chat.

If you believe that you could benefit from coaching for your job search, fill out the application below. Taking into account the amount of support you're looking for and your budget, I will send you a proposed coaching plan, timeline, and price.

Read what past clients have said on the Testimonials page. 

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